Keller Echoes Governor Corbett’s Call for Fiscal Restraint

Rep. Fred Keller (R-85) applauded Gov. Tom Corbett’s 2011-12 state budget address today and agrees with the Governor on several key points. 

“I have said from day one that this budget is going to be a shared sacrifice for everyone if we are committed to getting Pennsylvania back on the right track fiscally,” said Keller.  “Governor Corbett recognizes that this is the taxpayer’s money, and I agree with him: we get the picture.” 

Corbett’s proposed General Fund budget would spend approximately $27.3 billion, which is almost $900 million less than Gov. Ed Rendell’s last budget.  The $900 million in cuts represent a 3.1 percent cut in spending.   

“This budget contains no new taxes, and no increase in taxes,” noted Keller.  “We don’t have enough revenue coming in to support the spending of the past.  We can only spend what we have.” 

Keller also noted this is by no means the final budget.  Next on the agenda will be a series of hearings conducted by the Appropriations Committee over the next few weeks in which each state department and agency will appear to discuss their specific budget needs.  After those hearings are complete, the real works begins.  Each line of the budget will be reviewed to see if additional cuts can be made, or if the proposed funding is adequate.  Once alternate budgets have been constructed, the House and Senate will each debate the bills, negotiate an agreement, and send the proposal to Corbett for his approval. 

“I have talked to people throughout the community, and an overwhelming number truly understand that we need to really cut back on spending in Pennsylvania,” said Keller.  “These families have had to make some difficult choices, and it’s time that state government does the same.”  

State Representative Fred Keller
85th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Joshua Zimmerman

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