Keller Applauds Welfare Reform Package

Rep. Fred Keller (R-85) issued the following statement after House Republicans unveiled their welfare reform proposal: 

“The legislation package, titled WelFAIR, is comprised of eight separate bills that address Pennsylvania’s broken welfare system.  Over the past few years, hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud, waste, and abuse have been identified by House Republicans and Democrat Auditor General Jack Wagner.” 

“Not only is this a waste of taxpayer dollars, but more importantly, it is taking away funding from those individuals who truly need it. I agree wholeheartedly with Representative Dave Reed (R-Indiana) that ‘Welfare must be a safety net for those in need, not a hammock for those who want to avoid work’.” 

“We are proposing commonsense reforms to bring integrity back to the welfare system.  This initiative is aimed at restoring the public’s trust in the system by eliminating the usurpation of public funds.” 

“The bottom line is that there will always be those people who attempt to bamboozle the welfare system.  Our job as lawmakers is to do everything we can to ensure the assistance reaches those who are truly in need.” 

To view all eight bills that make up the WelFAIR package, or for more information in general, residents can visit Keller’s website at

State Representative Fred Keller
85th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Joshua Zimmerman      

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