Keller Issues Statement on House Budget Proposal

Rep. Fred Keller (R-85) issued the following statement regarding the House Budget Proposal: 

“Overall I am very pleased with the budget proposal that we were able to develop over the past several weeks. We are working to enact a budget that is morally and fiscally responsible and protects Pennsylvania’s future for children, senior citizens and all the residents of the Commonwealth.” 

“When Gov. Tom Corbett presented his budget proposal, Pennsylvanians were able to see the severity of the fiscal crisis with which we are dealing. Pennsylvania is simply unable to sustain the levels of spending seen in recent years.” 

“Governor Corbett laid the groundwork for this proposal at the beginning of March, but there were areas that we were able to change.  The House is proposing a reallocation of funds to the Department of Education by the identification and elimination of abuse and fraud in the public welfare system.” 

“In these hard times, no one is immune to the effects of the recession. I echo Governor Corbett’s sentiments that working people across the state are going without pay raises or they’re giving back pay to keep their companies afloat. We cannot keep asking taxpayers to cover increased salaries and healthcare benefits for public sector employees when those taxpayers are losing the same.”  

“We as Pennsylvanians must all work together as we emerge from our Commonwealth’s financial woes. We are in a situation where there must be an equally shared burden, not just by one or two groups of people, but by everyone.” 

State Representative Fred Keller
85th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Joshua Zimmerman

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