Keller Regards Budget As Step Toward Fiscal Responsibility

Rep. Fred Keller (R-85) released the following statement regarding the vote on budget legislation, House Bill 1485, which took place in the House Wednesday: 

“I have said from the very beginning, two of my top priorities are reducing state spending and reforming the way Harrisburg does business.  After nearly a decade of late budgets, this budget is not only punctual, but also morally and fiscally responsible. 

“We must be ever mindful of our Commonwealth’s fiscal situation.  Even in trying times, education remains a top priority.  This Legislature has committed more state money to education than ever before in the history of the Commonwealth.  Basic education is the largest single appropriation in the budget, and has actually increased $246 million over last year’s budget. 

“Last November, the taxpayers of Pennsylvania sent a very clear message that they have grown tired of the tax-and-spend policies that have come out of Harrisburg over the last eight years.  The people demand a fiscally sound government, a government that doesn’t rely on one time revenues to balance a budget. 

“The taxpayers of this Commonwealth have been making difficult choices at home and in their businesses for far too long without Harrisburg doing the same.  We have passed a budget that is morally and fiscally responsible and doesn’t increase taxes or borrowing, which ultimately, saves working families money.” 

State Representative Fred Keller
85th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Joshua Zimmerman

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