Keller Sponsored Recycling Mandate Relief Advances to State Senate
HARRISBURG – Legislation sponsored by Rep. Fred Keller (R-85th District) to amend the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act passed the Pennsylvania House unanimously on Tuesday.

Amending Act 101 of 1988, House Bill 1934 asserts the number of people residing in a federal or state facility that conducts a facility-wide recycling program administered by the federal or state government and that is situated in the municipality shall be excluded in the determination of population.

Current law requires municipalities with a population of more than 5,000 people but less than 10,000 people which has a population density greater than 300 people per square mile, to implement a mandatory curbside recycling program. Total population is determined by the most recent 10-year U.S. Census. The procedure used by the U.S. Census Bureau counts the number of residents of any state or federal facility within the municipality as part of that community’s population.

“According to the census, nearly one-third of Kelly Township’s population currently resides at the Federal Correctional Institute,” said Keller. “Consequently, Kelly Township, while being required to implement a population-based state recycling program, is strictly prohibited from collecting recycling from the prison. House Bill 1934 is a commonsense attempt to minimize the unnecessary duplication of waste management efforts and costs.”

House Bill 1934 now advances to the state Senate for consideration. For the latest legislative updates visit

State Representative Fred Keller
85th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact: Ty McCauslin
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