Keller Unveils Declaration of Independence for Pennsylvania Workers
HARRISBURG – State Representative Fred Keller (R-85) joined in a Capitol press conference with House members and leading Right to Work advocates from across the Commonwealth to introduce the Pennsylvania Open Workforce Initiative.

Keller’s Right to Work legislation (House Bill 52) would prohibit labor organizations from collecting compulsory union dues from state employees.

“One of my constituents was forced to pay in excess of $600 of compulsory union dues during 2012 in exchange for the fundamental right to work in Pennsylvania,” said Keller. “I consider this package of legislation a declaration of independence for Pennsylvania workers that will empower them to decide whether or not to join or financially support a labor union. In other words, they should have the right to decide for themselves whether they want to pay for union membership or spend that money to put food on their table, keep their homes a few degrees warmer during the winter months, or invest in a college education for their children. Making Pennsylvania a Right to Work state is all about giving Pennsylvania workers the right to decide how they spend their hard earned money.”

Designed to protect the individual freedoms of Pennsylvania’s working citizens and energize the economy by ending the practice of compulsory unionism, other bills comprising the Pennsylvania Open Workforce Initiative are as follows:
  • House Bill 50 would make employment no longer conditional upon union membership or paying dues to a union. 
  • House Bill 51 would prohibit labor unions from collecting compulsory union dues from non-union public school employees. 
  • House Bill 53 would prohibit labor organizations from collecting compulsory union dues from non-union local government employees.
  • House Bill 54 would prohibit private-sector employment from being conditional upon membership or non-membership in a labor organization. Compulsory dues would be prohibited for non-union members.
  • House Bill 250 would give public employees the freedom to opt out of their union membership at any time during their contract. Current law only allows employees to terminate their union membership 15 days prior to the expiration of the contract.

“The right to work has always boiled down to the individual freedom to choose,” said Keller. “If union representation is such a valuable product, why must employees purchase it through the collection of forced union dues? Pennsylvania workers should have the right to decide how to spend their hard-earned wages.”

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Representative Fred Keller
85th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Ty McCauslin

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