Keller Budget Remarks Thank PA Taxpayers

HARRISBURG – Rep. Fred Keller (R-85th District) addressed the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Sunday and gave thanks to the Pennsylvania taxpayers, who’s hard earned monies are put towards the 2013-2014 State General Fund Budget.

“As I have in previous budget remarks, I say thank you to the Pennsylvania taxpayers for generating the revenue that funds this Commonwealth.  As a steward of your hard-earned tax dollars, I appreciate your work, compassion and generosity.

“The people insisting this budget doesn’t spend enough had better be prepared to explain to their constituents why government spending must increase at a higher rate than taxpayer earnings.  While opponents of the spending plan will use catchy phrases to try to deceptively argue in favor of raising taxes, they forget that every dollar the Commonwealth collects in taxes, it is first taken from a fellow Pennsylvanian.

“While some are saying ‘Taxpayer work harder so we can take more of what you’ve earned,’ those of us who voted in support of this budget say, ‘We appreciate you and thank you for funding our Commonwealth.’”

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Representative Fred Keller
85th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact:   Ty McCauslin
(717) 772-9979
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