Keller Supports School Property Tax Reform Measure
HARRISBURG – Rep. Fred Keller (R-85th District) voted to pass House Bill 1189, enabling school districts to assess alternative taxes as a means of reducing or eliminating property taxation.

“Across the Commonwealth, property taxes levied by school boards are putting seniors and working Pennsylvanians out of their homes,” lamented Keller. “Educating our children is vitally important, but there is a tremendous injustice occurring when those of America’s Greatest Generation are being forced from their homes because they cannot pay their ever-increasing property taxes.”

House Bill 1189 will give school districts the ability to eliminate property taxes in favor of implementing an additional earned income tax, mercantile tax or business privilege tax. Revenues generated will be used on a dollar-for-dollar basis to reduce the school district property taxes.

“While school districts and special interests will use catchy phrases to try to deceptively argue in favor of raising taxes, they forget that every dollar collected in taxes is first taken from a fellow Pennsylvanian,” said Keller. “Spending decisions are made locally by school boards and directly impact the lives of the taxpayers in their district. Regardless of how taxes are collected, taxpayers will not see true relief until school districts get their spending under control.”

House Bill 1189 is now awaiting action in the Senate.

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Representative Fred Keller
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Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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