Keller: ‘Wolf Tax Increases Will Hurt Employers and Employees Alike’
MIFFLINBURG – Rep. Fred Keller (85th District) issued the following statement regarding Governor Tom Wolf’s tax package expected to raise $5.2 billion over two years and includes a $3.5 billion increase in the Personal Income Tax and expansion of the Sales Tax coupled with various other tax increases:

“Governor Wolf is once again trying to force his $5 billion tax increase down the throats of the people of this Commonwealth. Increasing the Personal Income Tax is a direct cut to every taxpayer’s paycheck, eroding the ability for that money to be reinvested by the taxpayer who earned the paycheck. This tax increase will hurt businesses of all sizes but be most damaging to small businesses that are already struggling with a multitude of other challenges every day.

“The governor’s demand to tax and spend goes far beyond any reasonable bounds in the ongoing arguments on the role and scope of a representative government. Rather than employing his much- proclaimed business experience in his first year of office, this governor seems determined on making Pennsylvania less friendly to families and businesses with his ‘punish those who work’ mentality.”

Please call the governor’s office at 717-787-2500 and tell the governor to abandon his tax plan and support the no tax increase budget passed by the General Assembly on June 30.

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Media Contact: Benjamin Ranck
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