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State Budget Hearings Underway
Now that the governor has offered an overview his $32.3 billion state budget proposal, it’s time for lawmakers to dig into the details with an eye toward cutting spending and improving government efficiency.

As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I took part in a series of budget hearings this week that included the Independent Fiscal Office; Departments of Revenue, State, Labor and Industry, and Transportation; as well as officials with the state’s two employee pension systems.

The hearings will continue for the next two weeks. For a full schedule of future hearings, and archived video of completed hearings, click here.  
Grant-Writing Seminar a Success
Thank you to everyone who turned out for the grant-writing seminar last week at the Middlecreek Area Community Center. A wealth of valuable information was shared during the day-long seminar to assist local government and nonprofit organizations as they seek funding to carry out their missions to the community. Thank you also to the organizations who made the event possible, including Penn State Cooperative Extension, Middlecreek Area Community Center, Middlecreek Valley Chamber of Commerce, Reps. Adam Harris and Kerry Benninghoff, and Weis Markets.

Because of the overwhelming response, we will host another seminar to help even more organizations in the area. The seminar will be held in the summer or fall. Those interested in attending should contact the Mifflinburg office at 570-966-0052 or 570-837-0052 to be placed on a waiting list. You will be contacted when the details of the event are available. 
Take Note of New Traffic Laws

As Highway Safety Law Awareness Week (Feb. 19-25) draws to a close, drivers may want to make note of some changes that occurred recently or will be coming in the near future.

The Child Passenger Safety Law update took effect in August 2016 and requires children to be buckled into a rear-facing car seat until they are age 2 or meet the maximum weight or height requirements set by the manufacturer of the seat.

Daniel's Law, honoring motorcyclist Daniel Gallatin, who died in 2013, took effect in January 2017. It increases the penalty for texting while driving when it results in serious bodily injury or death.

The Ignition Interlock Law affects first-time DUI offenders by requiring drivers who were convicted and issued a suspension of their driving privileges to install an ignition interlock system in every car they operate or lease for at least 12 months in an effort to prevent repeat drunk driving attempts. The law will go into effect this August.

In addition, to help keep pedestrians safe, PennDOT reminds drivers that if their vehicle is emerging from or entering an alley, building, private road or driveway, they must yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian approaching on any sidewalk extending across the alley, building entrance, road or driveway. Failure to do so could lead to a fine and three points on the driver's license. It is illegal to overtake or pass a vehicle yielding to a pedestrian within a crosswalk. Pedestrians are also required to use the sidewalk and marked crosswalks where provided. When there is no sidewalk, pedestrians should walk along the shoulder or the road's edge as far away from traffic as possible and in the opposite direction of traffic. 
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