Need Help with Veterans Benefits?
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Need Help with Veterans Benefits?

In appreciation for their service, both the state and federal governments offer a number of benefits and services to our veterans and their family members. If you have questions about or need assistance with obtaining these benefits, there are several options to help you.

Dan Falls, a veterans field service officer with the American Legion, is available at the Mifflinburg office on Wednesday, April 25, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on the fourth Wednesday of each subsequent month. You need not be a member of the American Legion to obtain this assistance with issues such as compensation, education, pension, health care and death benefits. Appointments are required and may be made by calling the office at 570-966-0052 or 570-837-0052.

Both Union and Snyder counties also have offices of Veterans Affairs to assist you.
  • Union County Office of Veterans Affairs – Union County Government Center, 155 N. 15th St., Lewisburg. The telephone number is 570-524-8677, and the office is available online here.
  • Snyder County Office of Veterans Affairs – Snyder County East Building, 713 Bridge St. Suite 10, Selinsgrove. The telephone number is 570-374-0181, and the office is available online here.
Got Your Fishing Poles Ready?

This Saturday, April 14, marks the start of trout season across the Commonwealth. Best of luck to all the anglers out there as you take to the waters!

If you’re a fan of technology, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission offers a smartphone app which provides information about trout stocking, fishing and boating locations, a fish identification tool and more. FishBoatPA is available for free on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

Housing Grant Awarded to Union-Snyder Community Action

A $100,000 grant has been awarded to the Union-Snyder Community Action Agency to support housing stability in the region. The funding comes from the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund (PHARE), which is supported by Marcellus Shale impact fees as well as realty transfer taxes and the National Housing Trust Fund.

This is another important investment that is supported, in part, by the impact fees being assessed on natural gas drilling in the Commonwealth. Affordable housing is a challenge in many areas of the state, and it is important to keep the impact fee in place to continue to support these initiatives.

The local grant is one of 137 housing and community development initiatives being funded through the program. The funding will be used to provide a blend of rapid rehousing/rental assistance, case management and supportive services to vulnerable citizens in Union and Snyder counties. Specialized partner services and coordinated case management will help participants maintain housing, address issues of income and employment, and mitigate risk factors such as behavioral health issues.

PHARE is administered by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency.
New License Plate Honors PA National Guard

New license plates are now available to members of the Pennsylvania National Guard to honor their service.

The new plates feature the standard Pennsylvania license plate colors of blue, white and yellow, along with a National Guard-approved emblem. This plate may only be used on passenger vehicles and trucks with a registered, maximum gross weight of 14,000 pounds.

Members of the National Guard interested in applying for one of these plates must complete Form MV-150AD, “Application for Members of U.S. Military Registration Plate.” The form requires the service member to certify his/her status as a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard.

The addition of a registration plate recognizing members of the PA National Guard completes an assortment of plates available to Pennsylvania residents with ties to all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Additional information and images of a variety of military license plates are available at The fee for the plate is $21.
PennDOT Tips to Avoid Dangers of Aggressive Driving

We’ve all encountered an aggressive driver at some point…the one who speeds, tailgates, illegally passes or runs red lights or stop signs. But do you know what to do to keep yourself out of danger?

Avoid the aggressive driver by getting out of their way, avoid eye contact, ignore rude gestures and do not give an indication of disapproval. Then, contact 911 or your state or local police, and report the driver by giving a description of the vehicle, license plate number, road name/number and direction of travel. Also include a description of the driver if possible.

If you do not have a passenger capable of calling, then pull over in a safe area to make the call.

For your own safety, do not follow or attempt to pursue the aggressive driver.
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